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Queue Manag­ement Kiosk System.

For Hotels and Hostels.

No More Unnecessary Waiting in Line

Nobody likes to wait in line, especially after a long journey. And a guest arriving at a hotel or hostel has usually traveled a long way to get to the check-in desk. In both the digital and physical sense, as the "digital journey" begins well before the reservation and continues even after checking out. Our common goal is to turn them into returning customers, which we can achieve by gathering feedback, recommendations, and reviews, along with offering additional services while ensuring quality service.

Enhancing Customer Experience Made Easy

With our queue management system, you can eliminate the line not only in front of the reception but also incorporate it into the aforementioned digital user journey, differentiating yourself from competitors by offering queue-free check-ins and potentially increasing booking conversions. Instead of standing in line, we can seat our guests, which is crucial in this industry, especially after a long journey. Waiting time cannot be completely eliminated due to limited reception capacity, but the conditions in which guests wait make a significant difference. This is their first personal experience with our brand, and communication is key in every situation. Thanks to the queue management kiosk, guests don't have to spend their initial moments in our hostel or hotel in uncertainty and discomfort. They already know how the check-in process will proceed and when they can expect their turn. They can use this waiting time to their liking, making the customer service more interactive and engaging.

Not Just Cost Savings, But Also Additional Revenue

We provide convenience and time to our guests, but we can further enhance the customer experience, which not only satisfies and retains customers but also generates additional revenue for us. Guests can enjoy discounts on consumption or avail additional services while waiting. All of these actions can be conveyed through the system (on the customer display or via messages). People may be overwhelmed by messages, but the open rate for mobile notifications is very high. In addition to calling guests to the check-in counter (on the customer display), it can also be done through mobile messages, opening up the opportunity to send further messages while the guest is on-site or even after they leave. According to our calculations, the system can quickly pay for itself even without these extra revenues, thanks to precise statistics that enable us to evaluate the performance of receptionists and plan capacity. Due to the rapid advancement of technology and cost reduction, it's now possible to introduce a queue management system in various areas without a significant investment.


Simple, transparent, and fair pricing.



  • Monthly fee/location
  • Unlimited user
  • Unlimited guest
  • Unlimited kiosk
  • Unlimited display
  • Unlimited traffic*
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  • Simple features plus:
  • API access to integrate
  • Push notification
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  • Standard features plus:
  • Extra resources
  • Customization
  • Priority support
  • Local installation & offline access
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*The number of users is not limited, but the optimized resources are limited.

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